Adoption Stories

Kelly and Natalie, adopted Lovey and Watson in 2004-

One day we were at the humane society looking at all the animals for adoption when an adoption counselor took out a rabbit for me to pet. I wasn’t very sure about the idea, rabbits are just inert stuffed animals, right? But this bunny was my first bunny I had ever touched and he was so soft. I read a lot about rabbits after that, wondering what they were like. I contacted HRS about adopting a bunny. We had decided we wanted to go with an older pair and Watson and Lovey, both 5, seemed perfect. We met them at the foster’s house and fell in love. After they got home, we learned all kinds of stuff. I learned Lovey liked to flop out on carpets, Watson enjoyed being pet behind his ears, and that they were both giant personalities stuffed into this tiny little creature. I now foster for HRS and Watson and Lovey have both passed on, but I think of them all the time. They helped teach me how much bunnies have to offer. A kiss when I’m grumpy, a binky after a yummy treat, and love. Lots of love.

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