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The Clover Leaf is the newsletter of the MD/DC/NoVA chapter of House Rabbit Society.

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Help Me Make It Through the Night [PDF 265kb]

Isssue XIV 2008 [PDF 2.7mb]
Isssue XIII 2006 [PDF 1.7mb]
Isssue XII 2005 [PDF 2.6mb]
Issue XI 2004
[PDF 1.1mb]
Issue X 2002 [PDF 738kb]
Issue IX 2002
[PDF 635kb]
Issue VIII 2001
[PDF 609kb]
Issue VII 2000
[PDF 641kb]
Issue VI 1999
[PDF 1.2mb]
Issue V 1999
[PDF 1.2mb]
Issue IV 1998
Issue III 1998
Issue II 1997
Issue I 1996

The following articles are from the above newsletters, but are single articles, so if you cannot handle the large files, you can read the main articles below.

Issue V 1999
Choosing a Rabbit-friendly Dog by Kate McGinley [PDF 256kb]
An American Rabbit in Africa by Agi Kiss [PDF 84kb]

Issue VI 1999
Care of a Pair by Kathleen Wilsbach [HTML]
Sharing Space with a Bunny by Liz Huffman [PDF 155kb]
Hurdling through Time and Space with Two Rabbits by Nan Gibson [PDF 44kb]
Comforting the Innocents, or what you can do to help rabbits at your local shelter by Susan Easton [PDF 121kb]
Obese Rabbits at Risk by Dr. Jackie Schulman [PDF 115kb]