2013 Year in Review

2013 sparkles
We rescued 52 rabbits this year including some truly special cases. Don’t miss their stories below! We found homes for 47 deserving rabbits.

None of this would be possible without YOU! Adopters, donors, fosterers, and volunteers are all vital to save these rabbits.

Please donate to help us save even more rabbits in 2014. Every bit helps!

elmer before and after
Elmer was found on the side of the road, soaking wet and struggling after being hit by a car. Dog rescuers took him in and drove him from Kentucky to Maryland. He is sitting pretty now!

harrison before and after
Harrison is a rag to riches story! His first family kept him outside in a hutch where he got fleas and warbles. Instead of treating him, these people wanted a vet to euthanize him because his condition was “gross”. He had two surgeries to treat his abscesses from the warbles, but now, he’s all healed and adopted to a loving, forever home with a new rabbit friend. This is why we do what we do!

ophelia and babies
Ophelia is mom of the year! A caring shelter employee wanted the best for this sweet rabbit with a scarred face. After Ophelia came to us, she surprised us all with a litter. She even took in a 4 week old baby who was discarded at a shelter and has been caring for him like her own.

Did you know? Our vet bills went up $4000 in 2013.

Three hoarding cases and special rescue rabbits meant more vet care and higher costs. That number would have been higher without the generosity of Ani-Care Animal Hospital. They took in 5 of the sickest rabbits from a hoarding case and provided care and boarding at almost no cost to the House Rabbit Society.

Can you help us do more in 2014?