In Memoriam: Tinkerbelle

Tink and JellyRest in peace, beautiful Tinkerbelle.

Our Chapter Manager, Kathleen, first spotted Tinkerbelle at the Humane Society of Baltimore County. Tinkerbelle was known as Shrek at that time and was overweight with a messy bottom. Rabbits like that are often overlooked by potential adopters, but we find the rabbits will quickly turn around in a more stable fostering environment. A proper diet with lots of hay and veggies can often resolve both weight and digestion problems. She was adopted from the shelter and later matched up with Clancy through the House Rabbit Society. They both were returned to HRS after Tinkerbelle developed head tilt and were given sanctuary status so we could provide them both with a good life and excellent care.

Tinkerbelle was so sweet and cheerful except for her occasional temper tantrums, just to keep the humans on their toes. Her health was improved through the assistance of Tom Ingegno who provided acupuncture. When Tinkerbelle developed a cataract, three generous people volunteered to pay for the surgery to improve her quality of life. Kathleen’s carrot therapy to help develop Tinkerbelle’s neck muscles was also quite popular. Check it out in this video:

This pair was bonded with single sanctuary rabbit Kira in 2009, and Tink showed kindness and support to Kira when she passed in 2010. In the past year, Clancy and Tinkerbelle accepted another rabbit into their group when Jelly was put into the sanctuary program. As Tinkerbelle’s health started to go downhill, we were all glad that Clancy wouldn’t be alone when Tink’s time came.

All of these rabbits are cared for by so many people – Kathleen, Dr. Gold and other vets and staff at Chadwell, and of course, the team of volunteers who clean at Kathleen’s every Saturday. We are so thankful for the time, generosity, and love given to these amazing rabbits.

Can you help us care for our other sanctuary and foster rabbits?

Jelly Clancy and Tink