16th Annual Easter Candy Sale

It’s time for the 16th annual House Rabbit Society Easter candy sale!!


Rescue Chocolate - Wild at Heart

I know, I know, you haven’t even bought your Valentine’s Day chocolate yet so it’s hard to think about the Easter Bunny hopping down the bunny trail. Easter this year is March 31st! We will need candy orders back by March 1st to get your orders processed and to you the week before Easter. That is just over 3 weeks away.

We are again selling high quality Log Cabin chocolates this year to raise money for the rabbits. Our chapter of HRS will receive 42% of the total amount of money collected for the candy sold.

The House Rabbit Society and Make Mine Chocolate are partnering with the Rescue Chocolate company. This company produces VEGAN chocolate and donates 100% of their profits to Animal Rescue charities. They will include the Make Mine Chocolate message on their website when they sell chocolate Easter rabbits and will donate $1 for every web purchase coming from HRS or MMC to HRS. Our chapter will also be making $2 on each chocolate rabbit we sell directly in our sale and $1 on their other products.

Our chapter has raised quite a bit of money from this candy sale thanks to a relatively small number of volunteers (1997–$1,000, 1998–$1,500, 1999–$1.500, 2000–$1,800, 2002–$2,000, 2003–$1,550, 2004–$830, 2005–$1,200, 2006–$1020, 2007–$900, 2008–$500, 2009–$1210, 2010–$605, 2011–$1200, 2012–$906). In 2009, a lot of members answered the call and as a result, we made more than double our profit in 2008. In 2010, with low participation, we made a lot less. We had only 16 sellers in 2011, but some were very motivated and we returned to our 2009 level! Can we top that in 2013?

So, please, sell again, it really makes a difference. If you have participated in previous years but not lately, be sure WE MISSED YOU! Please consider selling candy for us again in 2013. Even if you only sell a couple of items, it can really add up when lots of people participate. Log Cabin chocolate is of good quality and locally made by a family run business. They use fun and unusual molds (rabbit on the motorcycle) as well as the traditional ones. People who have bought from us in the past years are eager to buy again. The Rescue Chocolate is VEGAN dark chocolate and has gotten rave reviews. It is manufactured in New York. This is a company that fully supports our philosophy and mission.

Rescue Chocolate - The Fix

Rescue Chocolate - The Fix

Nicole Roberts, who ran the sale the past 3 years is stepping up again. If you are interested in selling this candy to benefit our House Rabbit Society chapter’s bunnies, please contact Nicole Roberts by email at: nroberts@TNC.ORG and provide

  • your name,
  • **mailing address** (Please don’t forget to include your mailing address!)
  • phone number, and
  • email address.

You can choose to sell chocolate from both companies or only one, your choice. Nicole will mail you the full color brochures and order form. Then you are ready to start selling!

Easter falls on March 31st this year, and it will be here before we know it. Because of the time needed to tally, calculate, and mail the orders, we will need everybody’s order form and money by March 1st. Please give yourself enough time to send them regular mail because Nicole is not home during the day to sign for overnight packages. This should give you a little more than 2 weeks to sell the candy.

Full payment is required at the time the order is placed. You can accept both checks and cash as payment. However, please do not send the cash through the mail. Simply add up the cash and write a personal check to HRS for the amount in exchange. If you wish, you can have people make the checks out to you and then you can write one larger check to HRS. If your customers prefer, you can also have checks made payable to “House Rabbit Society” or HRS; but the first way simplifies things for us when depositing the money in the bank.

The House Rabbit Society is a non-profit organization, however we are still required to pay tax on this type of fundraising. 6% sales tax must be added to each sale. Please refer to the Maryland Sales and Use Tax Chart on the back of the order sheet to use as a guide.

Drop off/pick up points are needed in the DC/NoVA, Montgomery County, Howard County, Baltimore, and Harford County areas. If you can provide a place where candy may be dropped off by Log Cabin Candies and picked up by candy sellers in your area, please indicate this during your contact with Nicole. We also need volunteers in the Arlington, VA area to help tally the order sheets and volunteers near each pick-up location to help sort the candy orders.

I am including a link to many educational resources provided on the main HRS web site for Easter. Help us prevent unwanted Easter Bunnies. Put up the posters, hand out the articles to people buying candy or anyone you hear talking about getting their child a live rabbit. http://www.rabbit.org/easter/flyer/index.html This is a way to help rabbits even if you can’t sell candy!

Learn about the Columbus, Ohio chapter’s “Make Mine Chocolate” Campaign and Chocolate Easter Bunny pins. http://www.makeminechocolate.org/

Thank You in advance for any help you can provide!!!!!!!