Fall Cookie & Candle Sale


It is time for the annual House Rabbit Society Uncle Ralph’s Cookie Sale and Candle Fundraisers USA!

In 2011, we raised about $1,000 with the joint cookie & candle sale. That money went to help pay for the care of our foster rabbits. Took a break from fundraising sales? We miss you and hope you will consider selling them again! If you haven’t sold before, past customers are always asking us when we are going to sell those cookies again because they NEED more. The Chapter is working to rescue some of almost 300 neglected rabbits seized in Charles County by Animal Control.  As you can imagine, this means increased costs in vet bills, food, and lots of other items related to this situation. The rabbits need your fundraising help, now more than ever. So far, we only have a few volunteers who have signed up for this sale, and we can use all the help that we can get!

This is your chance to ask your family and co-workers to support HRS in exchange for all the Girl Scout Cookies and Chocolate Bars you’ve bought from them over the year. If you would be interested in helping to sell these products (or buy some yourself), the following process should be followed by everyone in order to make sure everyone gets the correct information and the process runs smoothly, so that we can maximize our fund-raising!

Contact Janelle Jones at janellej21 @ mac.com (remove the spaces) with the following:
* Your name
* Phone number
* E-mail address
* Mailing address


You can start taking orders as soon as you get your order forms. The Uncle Ralph’s products and the candles will be available for pick-up from at least two pick-up locations, one in N. VA and one in Maryland. If we have enough volunteers, we can have additional pick-up locations. There is a minimum order amount per location for Uncle Ralph’s to deliver in their refrigerated truck. The cookies arrive frozen so storage is a problem. If you can’t come to the pick-up yourself, you need to arrange to have someone else pick up your cookies for you.

All checks should be made payable to HRS (House Rabbit Society). You can have customers make the checks out to you and you can write one combined check to HRS. Janelle will need all checks no later than October 22 so that the orders arrive in time for Thanksgiving.

Again, we really appreciate as much participation as possible as the cookies are usually one of our most successful fund-raisers of the year and the candles were a good addition for us. Please feel free to respond with any questions before you send your participation e-mail to Janelle.


Here are the details of these wonderful products:

As the temperatures begin to drop, our thoughts turn to those delicious, home baked, Uncle Ralph’s cookies and brownies. This is the best time of the year to stock up and prepare for holiday baking. All Uncle Ralph’s products are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, and have no preservatives. Cookies are sold as bags containing individual balls of frozen dough. You just open the bag, place them on a cookie sheet and in 10 minutes you have hot delicious cookies fresh from your oven. You can even bake just a few at a time in your toaster oven for a hot delicious snack anytime. Each bag contains about 2 dozen cookies. In addition to cookies, they have brownies, cinnamon rolls & twists, cupcakes, and other baked goodies.

The brownies are also frozen and come in a disposable aluminum pan, ready to bake and serve hot from the oven. Items range in price from $8.50-$11 each (no sales tax, it’s food).

You can see all their delicious products at: www.uncleralphscookies.com

Candle Fundraisers Candle

This year for the fourth time we are also selling candles from Candle Fundraisers USA along with the cookies. All candles are manufactured by Glow Scented Candles and are made from 100% natural soybean wax and are highly fragrant, triple-scented, from top to bottom and the wicks contain no lead. No petroleum-based products go into our candles. This means our candles have a longer cleaner burn, produce less soot and produce no harmful carcinogens. Enjoy a longer lasting, cleaner burn that produces no toxins. Soy candles produce 95% less soot than paraffin candles. This means that no black residue is left in the containers, on your walls or even on your skin. Soy candles are biodegradable and water-soluble. Soy candles have a unique color separation while the candle is burning that is beautiful. And they are an excellent alternative item for the calorie conscious.

Thank you in advance for helping!

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