Foster Homes Needed: Hoarder case

Lusby hoarding rabbits

Lusby hoarding rabbits

HRS needs your help with new hoarder case!!

As some of you may have heard, there is a very large hoarder case in Maryland where an animal control facility confiscated 222 rabbits. The shelter cannot give us details about the situation because it is a legal case. However, they did call to let us know that 120 rabbits were released to them; and they can start transferring them to rescue groups. Of course, we would like to help by taking rabbits; so we are sending this out to rally the troops to see if we can find some new foster homes to help us help the rabbits. HRS supplies our foster rabbits with supplies and vet care.

Can you open your home and your heart to a rabbit in need?

HRS has already purchased preventative care medical supplies for the shelter and partnered them with Oxbow to get free hay and pellets. Rabbitwise took food to the shelter and has been helping in other ways as well. No shelter can be equipped to handle such a large influx at one time, so we all pitch in where we can. We are excited to now start work on getting these rabbits into happy and healthy forever homes.

If you are interested in helping, please email First time foster homes welcome! If you prefer to donate, please feel free to click below to donate online using PayPal. If you would like to adopt, please fill out our online adoption application.

You can see pictures of the rabbits we want to help here.