Howard County Hoarding Case – Success!


(updated below 2/24/2011) The House Rabbit Society MD/DC/NoVA chapter is working to assist as many rabbits from a case of hoarding in Howard County, Maryland.

78 rabbits were taken from a single home. The residents had two “female” rabbits who grew to 78 in just two years. This dramatically underscores the reason why spaying and neutering is absolutely vital!

Watch the video and read the article about this case here.

We have already rescued 7 rabbits and plan to go back for more. However, we can’t do it all. The shelter has informed us that 60 rabbits still remain in their care.

If you can’t adopt any more rabbits but you can foster (even temporarily), please apply here.

If you have ever thought about adopting a rabbit before, now is a good time to come visit us at Howard County Animal Control and Adoption Center.

The shelter has so many bunnies right now who are in need of homes.  We have over 60 rabbits who are now looking for new homes.   Please help them by spreading the word that they are available for adoption at our shelter.  We are hoping that enough people will come in to adopt so they will all be able to find homes.

If you are interested in adopting a bunny, come on in with your family and meet them. They are all friendly and very sweet. They are used to being held and like to run around with you and play.

They are all deserving of wonderful homes and need a second chance to find a family who will love them. Please come visit us and adopt a homeless bunny. You can see some of them pictured here.

Howard County Animal Control and Adoption Center 410-313-2780 ext. 0
** Please speak to Jessica Cain who is coordinating this hoarding case. Her email is **
8576 Davis Road
Columbia, MD 21045
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 10:00-4:30
Tues 1:30-7:00 and Sat 10:00-2:00

If you do adopt directly from the shelter, PLEASE get that rabbit (or rabbits!) spayed/neutered. We have a list of vets in our area who are experienced with rabbits available on our website (click here). You can find one near you.

Update from 1/20/11Animal Advocates of Howard County has offered to pay for spays and neuters and help to arrange transport for anyone looking to adopt from the shelter (or for rescue groups taking in fosters). If you wish to contact them, their email address is

Update from 1/31/11 – Jessica Cain reports that they started with 89 rabbits – 48 have gone to foster homes in rescue groups (HRS count is 17 so far), and 14 have been adopted. So that leaves 27 in the shelter right now. That is still a lot for a shelter, so we are still actively looking for foster homes and encouraging people in the area to consider adopting directly from the shelter.

Update from 2/21/11 – Jessica Cain has informed us that they are down to 16 hoarding rabbits plus 3 others who were surrendered by their owners. Due to lack of space at the shelter, they will be euthanized on Thursday, February 24. Since the shelter is closed today, that is essentially only 2 days from now. If you have space to adopt or foster one of these rabbits, please contact Jessica via email at or via phone at 410-313-2780 ext. 0. Once again, we recommend talking directly to Jessica.

HRS is taking in at least one more which would bring our total to 18. Since we typically only have 25-30 foster rabbits at a time, that is a huge amount for our rescue. We could not have done that without so many generous people stepping up to foster for the first time. We are also tremendously grateful for the generosity of Animal Advocates of Howard County for paying for the spays and neuters.

Update from 2/24/11 – Jessica Cain has reported that all rabbits have been picked up by rescues or fosterers or have been adopted! The total taken in by HRS is 28!