2010 – Year in Review

Tiara's Babies

Tiara's Babies

Times are tough.  People are cutting back on adoptions and donations.  Rabbits are being returned at an all time high.  In spite of this HRS MD/DC/NoVA was still able to take in 85 rabbits in need and adopted out 50 rabbits to loving homes in 2010.

In addition to our regular very important mission of rescuing rabbits from local shelters and educating the public on proper rabbit care, this year seemed to be the year of taking in mother rabbits with litters of babies and helping other rescues and shelters that took on big rescue projects.

Who could say no to helping mother rabbits with young babies at shelters if they could help?  HRS took in 4 mother rabbits who had a total of 26 baby rabbits this year!

  • Terra had 8 tiny babies,
  • Tiara surprised us with 7 little bundles of joy,
  • Silka came to us with 3 little babies,
  • Georgina/Yardley had 3 little lion head babies
  • and last but not least Margo had 3 netherland dwarf baby boys and was pregnant with 2 more babies who were sadly still born.

Then came the requests to help other rescues and shelters in need due to large rescue needs thrust upon them and unforeseen circumstances.

  • We took in 4 female rabbits from Bunny Rescue (who had taken in a large number of rabbits who were allowed to breed out of control for over a year).  Four rabbits quickly turned into 11 when one rabbit unexpectedly gave birth to 7 babies.
  • Sadly, Gerda Deterer of Wildlife Rescue, Inc. passed away leaving a huge hole where a wildlife rescue organization used to be.  Although Wildlife rescue, Inc. goes on they had to downsize and find homes for the domestic animals living at their facility.  It seemed like the right thing to do to take in the 7 remaining rabbits on the property.
  • And last but not least there was a request to help with the “Fairfax Cruelty Case”.  Forty two rabbits were left out in the hot sun with no food or water for 7 days when a breeder moved and left them there to die until the Fairfax County Animal Shelter stepped in and confiscated all 42 of the rabbits.  HRS took in 11 of them.

Needless to say it has been an exciting year of rescuing rabbits in need.  HRS is only able to do this very important work because of YOU!  Since we are an all volunteer, all foster home, non-profit rabbit rescue we rely of the generosity of people like you who donate your time, homes, money and hearts to help these wondrous animals who cannot help themselves.

Please help us help more rabbits in 2011 by volunteering or donating to help rabbits who are out there right now waiting for your help.

If you are looking for a last minute gift in honor of someone who loves rabbits or an end of year tax write off or are looking for a worthwhile cause to donate you time to please consider helping HRS help rabbits.

You can donate online through PayPal or mail a check. Details are here. You can also become a member which helps both us and the national House Rabbit Society and offers a few benefits as well. Read more here.