Emergency Foster Homes Needed!

We have been ask to help with a large scale cruelty case rescue out of Tennessee. Rabbits were housed together in filthy conditions, without much food and water and allowed to breed uncontrolled. Some of the babies had their ears or feet chewed off from being housed with adult rabbits. Most of the rabbit are lion heads, dwarfs, or lion head dwarf mixes. If you can help please email Laurie_Kuhn@yahoo.com. Read more about this case at http://web.me.com/lauriekay/Site_8/Dickson_Bunnies.html.

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  1. I am interested in more info about adoption? Where are they being housed right now; and is there transportation available? Thanks for your time.

  2. I’m in Richmond, VA but will travel to pick up a bunny I can foster. I have a 6-yr old house rabbit (holland lop) with a 10′ x 13′ bedroom. He has done sleepovers with his male and female rabbit friends and had them over for a week or two at a time while their ‘parents’ were on vacation.
    I believe he will be kind to a needy bunny. I would be glad to bring him to meet a potential foster bunny. Please contact me if I can help.
    You can check out his facebook page “Sytse-the-Bunny”