2018 Rabbit Rescue Story


As 2018 winds down, we want to share a special rescue story from this summer. BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter) confiscated 48 rabbits from one person. They asked us for help.

BARCS contacted rabbit rescue groups to find space for these rabbits. One group could only accept rabbits who were spayed or neutered. With the help of Dr. Tino Luehman and your generous contributions, HRS paid for these surgeries and other medical care for these neglected rabbits. National HRS helped us with a grant to cover part of these expenses.

We took 9 other rabbits from this confiscation into our foster homes. Chadwell Animal Hospital took great care of them medically and our volunteers lovingly nursed them back to health.

Ursula and Thelonius were so matted it was as if they had felted turtle shells on their backs and they had to be shaved. Ursula was nursing two little babies, Ella and Louie. We also rescued their dad, Miles. Thelonius has been adopted. Louie has a pending adoption. The rest of the family is hoping to also find homes in 2019.

We can save these rabbits thanks to your generosity.

Did you know? Many rabbits live with us for a year before finding a forever home.

Our adoption fees cover just part of the spay/neuter surgery cost. Ongoing care such as food, litter, hay, toys, and more are covered by your tax-deductible donations and our volunteers. Your generosity makes a difference for each foster rabbit.