2017 Year in Review

2017 photo
Foster rabbits are saved through a mix of luck, love, and hard work. Each rabbit is special and unique.

Please donate to help us save rabbits in 2018. Every bit helps!

yikes the bunny

Yikes was found on a construction site as a baby. He needed medical care, but we knew he could make a a full recovery.

He is all better now and was adopted by a loving family in Washington, DC.

We can help rabbits with medical needs like Yikes thanks to your generosity.

Did you know? Many rabbits live with us for a year before finding a forever home.

Our adoption fees cover just part of the spay/neuter surgery cost. Ongoing care such as food, litter, hay, toys, and more are covered by your tax-deductible donations and our volunteers. Your generosity makes a difference for each foster rabbit.

Can you help rabbits in need?