Boycott (and protest!) Whole Foods

Calling all rabbit lovers! We are joining a boycott of Whole Foods over their sale of rabbit meat. Read more from House Rabbit Society.
Make your voice heard:

Protest in DC – Saturday, July 19th from noon to 1 PM – 2201 I St NW, Washington DC
Don’t shop at Whole Foods
Tell Whole Foods what you think [...]



Easter Chocolate Sale» Ophelia and baby

It’s that time of year when we sell delicious Easter Chocolate to help our foster buns! Easter this year is April 20!
This year we will be working with Rescue Chocolates and Log Cabin Chocolates.
The schedule is as follows:

Order forms for Rescue Chocolates are due March 17, 2014.
Order forms for Log Cabin Chocolates are due March [...]

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